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Below are the bars which raise funds for charities. Just click and we will send them to you and pass on the donation.

Bar LupusUK milk chocolate 80g (Case of 12 bars)
LupusUK chocolate bar

Introducing the Lupus UK Fairtrade chocolate bar. You can give the bars away as gifts or sell them to friends and family. Either way L
upus UK get 50p for every bar you buy.

The LupusUK bars cost £2.50 each. They are made from Belgian Fairtrade chocolate and come in cases of 12. They cost £30 a case, with £6 of the £30 going directly to Lupus UK. There is free delivery on each order.

Lupus is presently an incurable immune system illness, probably genetic in origin which can affect any part of the body.

LupusUK supports some 6,000 members and advises others on the symptoms prior to diagnosis.
They also support research grant funding.

Our Price: £30.00 Inc VAT
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